Welcome to my blog!  If you stumbled here by accident, I encourage you to read on to find out what it is about.  My name is Jack I am an aspiring entrepreneur.  Currently, I am a consultant with a fairly high paycheck.  A lot of people would say I am very comfortable.  And that is true.  However, about a year ago I started to have a desire to build a company and stop working in the corporate world.  I wanted to build a company where the culture will be a reflection of my beliefs and values.  I realized working in the corporate world for the next 40 years was never going to bring me closer to my dream.    So, about a year ago, I started my journey to look for a way out of the rat race.

That brings us to this blog.  At first, I was the mentee asking advice from anyone who were successful millionaires, billionaires and company executives.  Their advice guided me toward entrepreneurship.  Soon, other people came to me asking what to do.  I became a mentor for some.  The purpose of this blog is for me to tell you my story as I make the journey to become an entrepreneur.  You will see first hand my successes, and failures.  You’ll see how I grow as an entrepreneur as well as a person.  You’ll see how my beliefs lead to my decision making.  By telling my story, I hope to motivate others who want to be start this journey.  For current entrepreneurs, I hope it will offer encouragement.

As mentioned above, I will talk about my failures as well as successes.  I realized that people who are successful usually had lots of mistakes that they learned from.  I will be no different.  I will be unashamed my failures so we can all learn from them.  Entrepreneurs never had all the right answers because they usually seek the road less traveled.  I will also talk about the various books that have helped to create a burning fire from within.  These books have changed the way I think, the way I view myself and the way I view others.